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Mango ice cream is a lot of people’s favorite, fruity, cold and soft, a bite down, belonging to the summer taste buds experience spread between the lips and teeth, hooked up with how much sweet love affair. Ice cream is a very hidden one-way deck of cards. It also contains 3 jokers, of which the blue joker is the same as one of the yellow jokers, which can be used to create more magic effects. (Blue Joker is from Ice Cream V1).

The cards are designed with a unique arrangement of points on the face of the card, which is extra playful and cute; the design of J, Q and K draws the cartoon image of exclusive ice cream: the doll comes out from the cone with an ice cream ball on its head, and each has a unique expression. Whether it is a flower cut or magic, this soft and cute doll, all can make people shine. In terms of color, the first generation predicted the second generation of mango flavor, this time the second generation predicted the third generation of matcha flavor!

At the height of summer, everyone should have a deck of such fresh, sweet cards.

BPCC Glace Ice Cream V2 yellow Using the Air X-G technology developed by BPCC, using the latest technology of the Taiwan factory while using German light paper to take you to experience the excellent feel close to the USPCC bee paper press thin process!

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