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KingStar 2024 New Mystery Deck

In chaos, there arises life, and from life comes death.

But life and death are mere illusions.

It is at the end of this facade, that we shall finally see the truth.

“Manas” is interpreted as consciousness. It’s the core concept in reincarnation, shaping the ego deep within each of us. The “Manas-Vijnana” mystery deck series revolve around the ascension and evolution of civilizations through these cycles, depicting the world’s allegory from the veneration and deification of nature, deities, the unknown, to the genesis, destruction, and mending of culture, and then to the spiritual liberation and “ascension”.

Civilization elevates within the cycle, forming the complete “Consciousness.”

Transcendence (1/500)
  • Extremely costly double-sided high-precision transfer silver foil
  • Silver gilded edges
Radiance (1/888)
  • Completely holographic cold foiled
  • Holographic black gilding
Fracture (1/999)
  • Cold foiled
  • Prismatic gold gilding
Blaze (1/1588)
  • Pearlescent specialty tuck case
Rebirth (1/2000)
  • Pearlescent tuck box
Frost (1/3000)
  • Pearlescent specialty tuck case
Judgement (1/5000)
  • Bearlescent sand texture, high-gloss UV, and beveled laser pattern tuck
  • Card Box Egg: “Judgement” tucks has a total of 3 different side patterns, each 2 pairs can be put together as the mural shown in the picture below


Deck #1 ‘Judgement’ 1/5000


Deck #2: ‘Radiance’ 1/888

Deck #3: ‘Rebirth’ 1/2000


Deck #4: ‘Fracture’ 1/999


Deck #5: ‘Frost’ 1/3000


Deck #6: ‘Blaze’ 1/1588


The Hidden Deck #7: ‘Transcendence’ 1/500

Weight N/A

Mystery Deck, Mystery Decks ×3, Half Brick, Full Brick


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