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Bacon Playing Card BPCC 2022 New Year’s masterpiece – Temple, the card back design is elegant and simple, but it is different from Prometheus with fine patterns and few blanks. Instead, it adopts a vine-like pattern design. These patterns are wrapped around two Symmetrical circles, these two circles are like the gates of time and space, allowing us to see the style of the Parthenon standing on the highest point of the Acropolis through him.

In terms of craftsmanship, Temple Poker adopts BPCC’s most mature Air S™ pressing technology. It feels stiff and durable, full of elasticity, and has a full sense of control. The slightly rough cutting edge allows newly opened cards to directly complete actions such as perfect shuffling. .

At the same time, there is also BPCC’s exclusive Friction™ smooth card pressing process, which can smoothly open the fan and perfectly shuffle the card while adding a wonderful sense of stickiness between cards, which can help your flower cutting action.

  • BPCC brand new practice cards
  • Smooth (Friction™)/Weave (Air S™) two processes
  • Limited edition 666 (glossy)/1000 (cloth texture)
  • Individually numbered seal
  • The card box and the sealing sticker adopt the bronzing process

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Black, Blue, Blue x1 & Red x1, Blue x1 & Red x1 & Green x1 & Black x1, Green, Green x1 & Black x1, Red


Cloth, Smooth


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Temple Playing Cards
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