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2022 Edition The Dapper Deck LongLong

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Vanishing × BPCC


In 2020, BPCC and Vanishing Inc. jointly launched a new deck: The Dapper Deck Rainforest Green, China Special Edition, Limited to 900.

In 2021, BPCC and Vanishing Inc. will cooperate again, and join hands with senior magician Long Long to create a Long Long Exclusive Edition.

The main visual of The Dapper Deck series of cards is composed of Paisley. The Paisley pattern was born in Babylon and flourished in Persia and India. It is a decorative pattern with a long history. Its color matching, fancy design and size are different. The only unifying core element is its iconic The teardrop-shaped pattern of the “teardrop” has delicate and delicate decorative details inside and outside.

Long Long Exclusive Edition: Hidden marks in the up left corner of the card back to help you even more with your performance. Each deck contains 52 standard cards + two Joker + two prop cards

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LongLong Exclusive Edition, Rainforest Green


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