Kyushu V2 Playing Cards


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Inspired by demons and immortals in “山海经”

Distributed by HuiQi

Printed by KSPCC

“Yangguanyin” tuck back is immortal “JiuFfeng” who has human head and bird body with 9 heads

4 Jacks are four demons

  • ♠️J – “Human-head Owl”, ancient strange bird, foreshadows drought, like owl with human face, chicken body, dog tail
  • ♥️J – “QiQue”, ancient strange bird, like chicken with white head, rat foot, tiger claw, eat people
  • ♣️J – “YouYou”, like horse with four horns, goat eyes, cow tail, sound like dog
  • ♦️J – “YeCha”, little immortal from Indian mythology, fast, can fly, eat people or ghost

4 Queens are four half immortal

  • ♠️Q – Human Goat Immortal, human body with goat horns, own 9 mountains, 6900 miles long
  • ♥️Q – Human Bird Immortal, human face with bird body, own 23 mountains, 2890 miles long
  • ♣️Q – Human Snake Immortal, human face with snake body, own 17 mountains, 5690 miles long
  • ♦️Q – Human Horse Immortal, human face with horse body, own 64 mountains, 12350 miles long

4 Kings are four ancient immortal

  • ♠️K – “YingZhao”, immortal from ancient China, human face with horse body and tiger stripes and bird wings, manage garden
  • ♥️K – “DiJiang”, be red like fire, six foot, four wings, chaos face, looks like a yellow pouch
  • ♣️K – “WuLuo”, small, human face with leopard stripes, white teeth
  • ♦️K – “ChangSheng”, manage Yingmu Mountain, has leopard tail


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Yangguanyin, Yangguanyin ×2, Queqiaoxian, Kyushu V2 Box


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