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The title on the front of the box and the diamond-shaped backing on the box are made by UV process, making these two parts slightly protrude from the paper, and the back of the box is made by bumping + UV process, these processes make the design of the box out of the plane. When you touch the box, it is as if you can recall the snacks you ate as a child. The color of the interior of the card box plus the lively and lovely printing, so that the interior of the card box is not a single boring.

The pastry box gift set(Red Gift Set) contains: two pairs of Donkey Roll cards, two pairs of Ai Wo Wo cards, two pairs of Pea Yellow cards, three each of two kinds of stickers around the cards, and five masks around the cards.

  • The paper quality is made of German imported three-layer black core paper.
  • The printing process uses BPCC’s most mature Air S technology at present.
  • The card box uses UV raised plus laser stamping silver process.
  • Donkey Roll, Ai Wo Wo and Hidden Pea Yellow cards are limited to only 1000 pairs each.
  • Each pair is individually numbered and sealed with a sticker.
  • Gift boxes are available while supplies last.

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Ai Wo Wo(Purple), Donkey Rolling(Brown), Pea Yellow(Yellow), Red Gift Set(Brown x2 + Purple x2 + Yellow x2 + Peripheral Gifts), Three Decks Set(Brown+Purple+Yellow)


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