Phoenix · Peony Playing Cards


Italy Black-core Paper edition

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Peony is embraced as the king of flowers.

Phoenix is regarded as the bird of Chinese spirit.

Phoenix · Peony is the fusion and myth of primitive ancestors sun worship and bird totem, and it is a strong national complex.

The classic patterns of phoenix and peony are paired with red and green that symbolize vitality, bringing a strong sense of visual impact, making you unforgettable at a glance.


Standard Edition (Red & Green)

Printed by BPCC

Koehler Black Core Paper

Blue Discoloration Edition

Printed by BPCC

Limited 1000 Decks

The base color is white in indoor light and turns blue when exposed to sunlight

Holo Edition

Printed by MPC

Limited 300 Decks

Double-side Holographic

Weight N/A

6 Decks Set(Red×2&Green×2&BlueDiscoloration×1&Holo×1), Blue Discoloration Edition, Green, Holo Edition, Red, Red×1 & Green×1 & BlueDiscoloration×1


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Phoenix · Peony Playing Cards
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