Warming Playing Cards

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It is also the world’s first for a deck to feature both Heat-sensitive and UV-sensitive ink.


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Warming Playing Cards

Printed by King Star Playing Card Co.

This is the first deck by KSPCC to feature thermal ink.

It is also the world’s first for a deck to feature both Heat-sensitive and UV-sensitive ink.

Limited 500

Every deck consists of 55 playing cards.


  • Heat-sensitive Side: Black → Photo
  • UV-sensitive Side: White → Purple


The red and black photographs underneath the heat-sensitive layers come from images taken by photographers and passers-by around the world.

These pictures serve as a stern reminder that saving the Earth’s environment requires a collective effort from everyone, and is not the responsibility of any sole individual.

The usage of heat-sensitivity on these cards is also perfectly aligned with our theme of global warming. As these photographs showing the harsh reality of climate change emerge from their initial black void, the vivid red colour evokes a feeling of burning urgency that something has to be done to curb the damages mankind has inflicted upon the environment. These images were also chosen to represent Mother Earth’s blood, tears, and fury. The black void activate to reveal the design at 28C.

We have chosen purple as the main colour used for the light-sensitive layer as it represents the ultraviolet light that is used to activate the colour-changing effect on this surface of our cards.

At the same time, purple provides a striking contrast between its initial near-colourless state and its activated coloured state.

The excess of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere have torn an ever-expanding hole in our Earth’s protective ozone layer. Although a sustained global effort has alleviated the problem to a certain extent, the hole remains in our ozone layer, which allows harmful ultraviolet rays and radiation to enter the home that we call Earth.

The design of our light-sensitive layer features a crack line in the middle, which not only represents the crack in our ozone layer, but it also helps make your cardistry moves look better and more dynamic.

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Warming Playing Cards
Original price was: $39.00.Current price is: $35.00.