Turbulence – Year of the Tiger Laser Limited Edition

At the beginning of the Year of the Tiger, the new version of Turbulence with new technology and design is officially launched for sale​! The design is based on the original turbulent flow design, with two symmetrical tiger heads added to the back of the card, and the ace of hearts on the card face has also been replaced with the same tiger head design as the back of the card​.

The card box is also designed with a very cool tiger head and several roses, and three decks of card boxes can be spliced into a complete tiger head pattern. Each deck of cards has an independent numbered seal, numbered 000-099.

Different from the bronzing process of holo Fontaine, it will leave embossed embossing of bronzing on the card, which will cause the hand to feel the impact. Our Laser Turbulence for the Year of the Tiger uses the latest laser bronzing technology from MPC, similar to Cartamundi’s cold bronzing technology. While bronzing, it does not leave bronzing embossing on the cards, nor does it affect the embossing of the cards themselves. The impact of craftsmanship on cards is minimized as much as possible​. The bronzing process also increases the adsorption between the cards, which can easily open the fan and shuffle perfectly, while making your flower cutting action smoother and not easy to drop cards.

Released by BPCC

Manufactured by MPC

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