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WohStudios, it is a trend culture company integrating original design and IP derivative products, founded in 2018
Its predecessor was a studio group assembled by “WohStudio”, “Irtysh Creative” and “Lutong Club”
It will officially change its name to “WohStudios” in 2021. Its product categories include: trendy play models, collectible cards, board games, chess and cards, NFT digital collections, etc.

Light Factor v1 Playing Cards

The company owns dozens of original design IPs, among which star IP products such as “Broken Mirror”, “Shaoluo Liuying”, “Black Cell & Light Factor” are well-known in the field of desktop trendy games. In the emerging digital encryption field, WohStudios is also one of the first players to participate. The “Lightning Punk” series of virtual social avatars have received great popularity in the domestic NFT market, creating the achievement that tens of thousands of collections were sold out within a few hours.

WohStudios has been committed to empowering Chinese culture and the trendy play market. In cooperation with the Dunhuang Museum, it launched a series of desktop trendy games called “Jaling Pinga”; in cooperation with Zhongyuan Publishing and Media Group, the theme of “Qing Ming Shang He Tu” was launched. “Bian Jing He Tu” interactive puzzle book; and on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the National Day, the red-themed “товарищи Comrade Playing Cards” series of cardistry playing cards was launched.

товарищи Comrade Playing Cards

WohStudios also attaches great importance to international cooperation, and signed a co-branding cooperation with Italy’s Diego Group on the desktop trendy play of the French children’s literature short story “Le Petit Prince”; and the famous British card painter Josephine McKinsey jointly issued “LXXXI Quareia” series of collectible cards, and so on.

WohStudios has always taken “No Surprise No WohStudios” as its brand spirit, whether it is original design style or IP derivative products, and insists on launching products that are “full of expectations and surprises” for the market. In the future, WohStudios will always adhere to this brand spirit and continue to grow and forge ahead.

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